Our Values
Trust: It is the basis of the existence of our company. We firmly believe in what we do, in our people, in our results. We put our trust in all the fields of our business to establish firm bonds with all the value chain.
Respect: Towards all our internal and external bonds. Respect towards the environment. Respect towards production systems an for professionalism applied to continuous improvement.
Humility: To be always willing to learn something new and different. Also to have the capacity to improve continuously knowing how to listen to those who know.
Commitment: With the organization, with the products, with process improvement, with the market, and with all the value chain.
Leadership: To set a market trend with long term vision, maintaining the quality strategy, process efficiency, better resource administration and continuous innovations focused in the high competitiveness of our products.
Integrity: Taking on the principles of transparency, honesty and ethics as foundation for our interaction with society.