Social Responsibility
It is the belief of the partners as the basis of their upbringing from the heart of the family reflected in the heart of the company, the proud care of the role of MERANOL in the community.

The Board and the other functional areas of MERANOL, reflect the current thinking of their Partners based on business sustainability with a long term view in each of the decisions taken, specifically considering first and foremost the human and social aspects, achieving successful financial management due to human compromise and knowledge that the public weal is above any other interest, specially looking after ethic values, environmental principles, efficiency of our production processes, in accordance with the utilization of production supplies and technologies accepted worldwide, taking care of the chain of values that is created from the qualified suppliers to the clients with whom we have a tight alliance of work compromise.
Our objectives:

• Respectful of human rights by creating decent working conditions focussed in safety and health at work and human and professional development of the working force.

• Work honouring the environment, minimizing pollution residues and streaming the use of natural and energy resources.

• Be useful to society with the right products and in fair conditions.

• Create wealth in the most efficient possible way.

• Sustain the company´s continuity with continuous and sustainable growth.

• Fulfil rigorously the laws, rules, norms and way of life, honouring legal contracts and commitments.